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We eat our own cooking !!
This web site is our own online ecommerce solution
Based on our CSS design shop layout package.  If its good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us.

uooBoutique Business Proposition

an export opportunity...

multi-lingual, multi currency ecommerce solutions

Sell Online either consumer shopping or business to business e-procurement via the Internet.

It is now truly possible to purchase any product from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home or your office, using your credit card for payment.

The successful business, new or existing, that uses the internet to export market and sell their products and services has to overcome three major challenges:

1) Attract qualified customers to their web site - this requires a mix of traditional and emerging internet marketing techniques.

2) Present a compelling sales proposition - talk in your customer's language trade in your customer's currency - create trust, desire and value.

3) Keep the customer sold - delivery in a timely manor - repeat business is still the best business.

uooBoutique Business Proposition


  • Any Combination of Languages
  • Any Combination of Currencies
  • Affiliate Programme Ready
  • Business to Retail Consumer
  • Business to Trade Business
  • Buy Now and add to Wish List
  • Simple Reservation Bookings
  • "One Off" Products - Feature
  • Multiple Images Per-Product
  • Automatic Image Zooming
  • Full Back-Office Function
  • Offline Product Up-Loader
  • Accounts Offline Tool
  • Hosted Service inc Full Support
  • Online credit card processors
  • Business Blog for web 2.0 marketing
  • Offline CSS Design Viewer Tool
  • Customisable CSS design
  • Comprehensive set of SEO functions