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20 Export Marketing Tips

20 Sales and Marketing Tips
Exporting to the European Union

20 export marketing tips

Down load the e-book 20 top Export Sales and Marketing tips - 

There are an estimated 1.2 billion online consumers around the world – 400 million of these are in the European Union.  Would you like to add some of them to your customer base?

Despite the pound standing at an all time low against the Euro and weak against other currencies, only 75,000 businesses in Britain are currently exporting. 

The EU recently identified a number of barriers to export for SMEs including:

• language and cultural barriers
• cross-border logistics 
• online payments
• administrative barriers 
• advertising challenges

This just high lights the need for UK business support in this area.

But less than 10% EU internet users speak and understand English – so what can you do?

How are you going to attract these potential online customers to your web site?

Once you have them on your site – how are you going to present a compelling sales proposition in their preferred language?

How do you communicate with them via email?

These are just some of the questions answered in the e-book.


20 export marketing tips 20 Export Sales and Marketing Tips for the EU.

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