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We eat our own cooking !!
This web site is our own online ecommerce solution
Based on our CSS design shop layout package.  If its good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us.

uooBoutique Business Proposition

Link Building Services

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link building services
uootek link building services


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It is all about getting your back link included in the search engine index.

We recognise that a back link only counts when the version of the page where the back link is included is found in the Google index.  

The fact is anything else and the back links do not count at all.

Therefore we charge for the back link when the back link is included in the the Google index.

Second point is this – links come and go – there are many reasons why back links disappear – so our offer is to maintain that agreed number of links for the life of the service.  This means if you agree to purchase say 500 back links – we will maintain at least 500 back links in the Google index, and if some back links do disappear we will replace them with other back links at no additional cost.  

We check the Google index continuously, and plan to check every back link to your site at least every 90 days.  If the count falls below the agreed amount we automatically find replacements.  Of course you can always increase the number of back links in the service plan at any time.

We undertake all the data entry as building back links is a manual task.  We contact real web site owners who might like to link to your web site.  If they agree to the offer we undertake the link exchange process.  We do various checks to make sure the links are in place.  This is not an automated link exchange network.  Our search for back links to your site goes much wider, in fact we do tend to avoid links exchange networks and link farms as back links from these sites more often fail to be included in the Google index, and the seo consultants that actively use these types of services tend to have low value sites, cheat on the link exchange, or deal with unsuitable topics.  We know this first hand as we are members of many link exchange networks which have generally had a much higher rejection rate than other methods.

We grow the link exchange plan at a steady rate.  Just because links are exchanged, it does not mean your back link is automatically included in the  Google index.  In the first 30 days, only about 10-20% of the links get included in the Google index.  It takes at least 90 days for 80% of the back links to be found in the Google index.

You also have to right to cancel any link exchange you consider undesirable at any time.  The undesirable link exchange will be removed and we then ensure that similar conditions are maintained for all future link exchanges.

What happens if and when you want to leave the service?  That is fine – we will provide a static HTML version of the link structure for your web site therefore all your out bound links remain in place so in effect the back links also remain in place.  There will be some leakage – some sites will disappear but on the whole as you will retain all your out bound links, you should keep most of your back links.  

If at any time you want to rejoin service – that is fine too – we just add your site back into the system and bring it back to the agreed number of indexed back links and charge just for the replacement back links.

What type of back links will your site have

At present we can offer non-industry related 3 way links, deep links, and reciprocal links

We can also offer specific industry related links for those who want this specific level of service.

We can also offer a totally non-reciprocal link plan – for sites that do not want any out bound links at all.

We can offer links from doamins with a minimum Google Page Rank

Our usp is this -  you only pay for back links included in the Google index – and we maintain the number of back links indexed in Google for the life of the service.