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We eat our own cooking !!
This web site is our own online ecommerce solution
Based on our CSS design shop layout package.  If its good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us.

uooBoutique Business Proposition

Email Marketing Services

uootek DEMS
direct email marketing services
uootek dems direct email marketing services


uootek-dems It is all about getting your email message in the in box.

Regular communication with your mailing list – create news letters or special offers - The point is the list is maintained and the recipients have granted permission to be emailed.

Build new customer campaign with pre-qualified list of email contacts, present a compelling sales offer, direct them to your e-commerce web site – complete the online transaction.

• Uootek DEMS incorporates both types of communication strategy.

• Uootek DEMS is multi-lingual. You can create multi-lingual emails. The user interface is fully multi-lingual so can be operated from anywhere in the world.

• Uootek DEMS is sold as a SAAS ( software as a service ). You pay a fixed monthly fee for the service. So you never pay for updates, or system maintenance costs. You do not need to employ additional technical support staff to run the system.

• The list data is 100% your property and is not accessible by any other party what so ever. The data is held in a total separate data base for each installation.

• There are no limits on the size of the list and the number of email campaigns executed.

• Uootek DEMS service is supplied with a dedicated SMTP mail server which is exclusive for you. The SMTP mail server is where all your emails are sent from, and all replies are sent to. An exclusive SMTP mail server has a very significant advantage. It is to do with spam email. Anti-Spam Email filters will get your email black listed and not in the in box. As you are the exclusive users of the SMTP mail server, you control the emails sent from this server. Using a shared SMTP server is a risk, as some other users might spam the system, your email campaigns suffer at someone else’s selfishness.

• The other significant reason to use your own SMTP mail server, it that you can have more than one in an installation, and if you are emailing a lot to different countries, having a local SMTP server for the country will reduces the Spam factor, thus improving the success of getting your emails in the in box, not the spam folder.