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We eat our own cooking !!
This web site is our own online ecommerce solution
Based on our CSS design shop layout package.  If its good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us.

uooBoutique Business Proposition

Business Models

business models


  B2C – Selling to Consumers

It is now widely acknowledged fact that online consumer selling is a proven route to market and is the fastest growing channel in retail sales. 

More interesting is the opinion that consumers are increasingly using the internet to check out products and services prior to making purchases in a high street outlet.

This trend has been accompanied by fundamental changes in consumer expectations with regard to online shops. Online shops need to feature extensive functionality, excellent service, professional look and feel, but above all, must be able to communicate in their native language, and trade in their chosen currency.

uootek BOUTIQUE is fully equipped to:

Communicate with a global customer base

Use multi-currency and multiple online payment systems

Use product associations to cross sell additional products and services

Empower customers to create wish lists for future and repetitive selling, as well as the "wedding list" feature.

B2B – Selling to Business Clients

E-Commerce offers many ways of lowering the cost of business relationships with other companies and at the same time making these relationships more efficient. Such as automating purchase / sales processes which reduce expensive manual workflows.

uootek BOUTIQUE is fully equipped to increase, strengthen and streamline:

• Marketing – communicating globally through central online catalogues and services.

• Sales – configuration for domestic and international trade customers; currency, user discounts, cross boarder VAT issues and shipping calculations.

• Payments – use either the company’s existing trade invoicing procedures or provide online payment systems as required.

However, successful deployment can involve a steep learning curve.

The smart option is to team up with an expert partner. Uootek and it's UK business partner ONID Limited have the skills and track record to provide a solution that delivers on the e-commerce promise.

Small and medium sized companies need a solution that is configured to meet their specific needs now and adapt to the future challenges. A solution that offers rapid deployment which equates to low implementation costs and therefore improved return on investment A solution that requires low operating and maintenance costs.

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