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We eat our own cooking !!
This web site is our own online ecommerce solution
Based on our CSS design shop layout package.  If its good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us.

uooBoutique Business Proposition

Key Features

key features



All the shop’s navigation controls, message, and all email templates are pre-translated into local languages by mother tongue nationals.

All product descriptions are held in the server database pre-translated into local languages, including local country VAT / Tax rates, and shipping calculations.

Supports all European Languages, plus rest of the world languages, and other English variations such as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

This data structure permits a different shop profile and product profile for each territory.


• The principle currency is assigned to each language / country. This is not calculated figure on the fly so it is possible to have different pricing policies for each territory.   

The Online Credit Card Transaction Service is then specific to the chosen language / currency used.

Multiple Shop Dynamics

Set shop dynamics for international and domestic customers, as well as trade or consumer sales or both.

Support for all online credit card payment providers.  Options for buy online, pay offline transactions.

Option for restricted access to pre-registered account users only.

Option for Account invoiced sales for trade customers

Complex VAT calculations, includes multiple TAX rates so each product can be assigned a specific Tax rate.  Zero rating VAT for international trade customers.

Postage calculations include free post threshold, domestic and international rates.

Set Product dynamics for volume products or high value – “one off” products. This incorporates a central wish list function with a timed product reservation-of-interest feature. 

Set product dynamics for “simple” reservation sales. Sell good / services for hire, bookings, rent or letting.

Hosted and Managed Shop Deployment

Shops are hosted on pre-configured servers. However, Three types of installation is available:

Shared installation on shared server - online shops are hosted on uootek servers, on shared installation with a uootek domain name.  This is the lowest cost service, ideally suite to smaller online shops.

Dedicated installation on shared server - the online shop is hosted on uootek servers, but with a dedicated installation with is not shared with others and is provided with a customer specific domain name. This allows for more shop customisations and is ideally suite to medium sized online shops.

Dedicated installation on dedicated server - the online shop is hosted on a dedicated server, not shared with others with a customer specific dedicated domain. This allows for optimum shop performance and is ideally suite to larger online shops.

Shop front Design Options

We continually review usability studies and trends, then apply the best practice to the shop interface.  Shop design can have an incredible impact on customer conversion rates and should be designed with the customer profile at centre stage.  We provide three design options for the shop front to balance budget constraints and market demands:

Standard Design – Clean, simple and sharp shop layout. Customise screen colours and fonts from pick lists using admin tool.

CSS Style – customise the shop design with CSS Style sheet capability.  This requires design skill levels with CSS and smarty.   An offline viewer is provided to assist in the design process.  An additional online shop database set to development mode is also provided to assist in the design process.

RIA Design – customise the shop design with Rich Internet Application capabilities.  This requires design skill levels with Flex and smarty.   An offline viewer will be provided to assist in the design process.  An additional online shop database set to development mode is also provided to assist in the design process.

Comprehensive Product Database

Free text description
Multiple Images which are auto resized on the server
Unlimited Thumb-detail images
User definable fields
Additional URL Links to pdf or html pages – i.e. product technical details
Simple price option
Complex price options
Special price function
Sale price function with start / end dates
Reservation option at check-out
Various postal charge options
Meta tag description for whole shop and for each product
Keyword search
Multiple and Nested product categories
Products can appear in more than one category
Product ranking – Top selling items
Products cross linked with other products to promote up-selling
specific search engine optimisation fields

Comprehensive Shop Level Features

• Popup Information Windows - Create and customise pop-up windows for general shop information / topics

• Real time notification of sales - Emails sent to clients in local language. Emails can be fully customisable with html / images etc.

• Online shopper order history - Users can track all their current orders and view their order history

• Stock Control Function - 

Set stock level
Set minimum stock level
Set different options when out of stock
Hide product when nil stock
Display out of stock notice
Email User when items are back in stock

Offline Tools

In creating and running a shop there are a number of specific functions.  In order to manage the online shop we have created  specific online tools to various functions with allows multi-user activity.

Product Manager - the is an offline database that produces all the shop and product data.  It is designed so multiple users can each add category specific or language specific products which are then uploaded to the server database.  Export functions provide data for cost comparison sites, and product feeds to Google Base ( Froogle ) and others.

Admin Manager - this tool manages all the customer details and order details.  This information can then be exported into the companies existing accounting systems.

Designer Tool - the offline CSS design viewer shows how the shop will look as changes are made.

Internet Marketing and Metrics Analysis

• uooBOUTIQUE online shops are tuned to maximise onsite search engine optimisation.

All online shops are provides with a wordpress blog which utilities the same design styles.  The business blog is used to generate customers using  evolving Web2.0 internet marketing techniques.

Web metric are provides by third party service providers.  These service providers provide the source of the incoming user, the products viewed and time on site.

Affiliate Programme Ready

Increase Consumer sales through third-party affiliate programmes.  Interface to all third-party affiliate programmes.