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We eat our own cooking !!
This web site is our own online ecommerce solution
Based on our CSS design shop layout package.  If its good enough for our customers, it's good enough for us.

uooBoutique Business Proposition


reference site
uooboutique-ecommerce-business-advantage web site is a Business 2 Consumer multilingual online shop, supplying VocoPro Karaoke machines and equipment.
uooboutique case study mixkaraoke ecommerce site


uooboutique case study mixkaraoke ecommerce site

The site lunched in September 2008 and relied heavily on Google Adwords to generate all sales leads. Then during January 2009 a further six European languages were added.

Taking full advantage of the built-in Uootek SEO features, it was possible that during the first half of 2009, all paid advertising ceased, and the site now generates all sales leads through Google Search Results. This made a considerable cost saving, while still maintaining a steady sales growth, with more than 50% of orders generated from the new European Language shops. 

The mixkaraoke web site makes full use of the additional Uootek Internet Marketing Services which involves the use of RSS feeds and product review blogs.

There are a significant number of online competitors selling karaoke machines at all price ranges in both the United Kingdom and Germany. However, other European markets are poorly served. There are very few online competitors, and generally, a lower quality in shop design.

Mixkaraoke web site plans to extend the number of European languages, using the uootek uTranslator Tool for both product database translations and web site navigation translations.


Lunch date: September 2008
Item in Product Database approx 100
Lunch  English
Jan 2009 Germany
The Netherlands 
May 2009 Denmark
Currencies  Euro
GB Pounds
Polish Zloty
Danish Krona
Online Payments WorldPay
Bank Transfer
Accounts Administration English
Product Database Administration  English
Despatch Centre Administration Finnish
Web Design Uootek design services

SEO Search Keywords
(tested may 2009)

EN Karaoke machine Page 1
ES Karaoke maquinas page 1
IT karaoke macchine page 1
NL karaoke machine page 1
PT karaoke máquina page 1

DE vocopro karaoke maschine page 1
FR vocopro karaoké machine page 1

Uootek is a dynamic company and plans to grow through association with professional business minded companies and individuals.  To find out more about Uootek multilingual ecommerce solutions please email